Implementing and assuring compliance with best practices, efficient trouble­shooting, pre­ventive maintenance, regula­tory or corporate­ proce­dures or work­place safety rules — these things are diffi­cult to do well.
Complex proced­ures must be presented in very simple steps that adjust to found circum­stances, respond to human judg­ments, and capture data for compliance and process improvement.
"Procedural Documents" like these deserve to die...
... and be resurrected as easy StepBySteppers!
What do I do if I
cannot check a checkbox?
How do I get through
all this?
Interesting reading...
now what do I do?
Our StepByStepper app displays on any PC or mobile device the most complex pro­cedure in simple step-by-step screens.
It can capture data, choices or judgements at each step and branch to alternate next steps; it saves all captured data and user step timing and choices for later upload and analysis.
An unlimited library of procedures can be accessed for use as needed; StepBySteppers can be downloaded to any pc OR mobile device and used offline when far from an internet connection. See our demo in English, French, German or Dutch.
Our Dynaspecs design tool makes it easy to build a library of consistently-designed pro­cedures for distri­bution as StepBySteppers.
It is multi-user and multi-lingual, using drag-and-drop segmented flowcharting and simple forms for adding text, images, data capture forms and branching decision rules. Flowchart segments can be reused as building blocks to simplify and speed the development and maintenance of overlapping procedures.
Wherever there are complex procedures, there are inefficiencies in training, costs of repairing errors and inadequate compliance, and lost opportunities for offboarding costs and sharing savings with customers.
Cost reductions and competitive advantages can be realized by making complex procedures easier to follow by staff and by customers.
Best Practices
Diagnosis and treatment of patient conditions often reaches beyond any one practitioner's training or experience. Failure to ask the right question or perform a needed test in time, or to interpret results correctly, can have critical conse­quences. Costs of unneeded testing, repeated referrals to different experts or undisciplined patient care can multiply. Importantly, new insights and techniques cannot be immediately shared for assured use by all practitioners.
StepBySteppers can ensure full use of institu­tional best practices, no matter how complex, by all practitioners, and can be continually updated by new findings and feedback from actual usage. A central library can disseminate immediately usable diagnostic-treatment protocols in all domains to all and ensure compliance with them!
Preventive Maintenance
of Complex Equipment
Customer or user failure to perform routine preventive maintenance often leads to costly service calls and repairs. Company warrantee costs or service contract costs rise, and so can user out-of-warrantee costs. Effective preventive maintenance can reduce these costs.
StepBySteppers can be framed to help users perform routine maintenance and to report test results and performance compliance to manufacturers. Reduced costs can be shared with buyers through competitively reduced pricing of equipment or service contracts.
Periodic inspections of property and electric or fuelled building systems, testing of alarms and security systems, and like actions can offer meaningful amounts of risk reduction. These can be actuarily estimated as reductions in expected losses to the insurer.
StepBySteppers can be given to insureds for use in updating property data and confirming perform­ance of risk-reducing actions. Reductions in expected losses can be shared with complying insureds via competitive discounts in premiums.
Assembly Instructions
and Customer Service
Do-It-Yourself instructions, such as for assembly of knock-down furniture, are often hard to decipher, and often fail to allow for misfitting, incorrectly-installed, or missing parts. Language issues have yielded a picture-book approach that is insufficiently instructive. Users confused over such things as these, lost connections of TV remotes or operation of new, complex functions in cars wind up calling customer service lines, adding to manufacturer or provider costs and user dissatisfaction.
StepBySteppers, easily translated into multiple languages, can do a better job of helping consumers deal with complex assembly or equipment function issues. Feedback from usage can help manufacturers and providers improve designs of both the consumer goods and the instructions for using them. Reductions in customer service costs can either be shared through reduced pricing or retained with higher levels of customer satisfaction.
Interactive media have proven useful in education and training, but creating and updating instructional material is difficult. Field situations can arise in which unexpected needs for skill development demand timely and handy access to that material, possibly in different languages -- such as when new hires come on board where or when trainers are unavailable.
StepBySteppers are easily designed to provide interactive, branching, pictorially-enhanced instructional material, to anyone with a smartphone, anywhere with a signal. The Dynaspecs development tool makes it easy to assemble a library of training materials and translate them into multiple languages.
Ensuring Compliance
with Procedures
Ensuring that large staffs, in offices or in the field, comply with safety, regulatory or corporate procedures requires continual monitoring, expensive when done with personal supervision. Complex procedures can be hard to learn and sometimes easily circumvented, causing potential costs and legal or customer-satisfaction problems.
StepBySteppers can speed learning and use of complex procedures and monitor their performance by large, dispersed staffs. Importantly, analysis of statistical data and user experience gathered from use of StepBySteppers can spark improvement in both the procedures and how they are presented.
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