It's hard getting people to follow complex instructions:   It's easier when they can guide themselves, Step by Step!
Implementing best practices in health­care, helping con­sumers trouble­shoot, enforcing corporate­ proce­dures or workp­lace safety rules — these things are diffi­cult to do well. Complex proced­ures must be divided into very simple steps that adjust to found circum­stances and respond to human judg­ments. Our StepbyStepper app displays on any mobile device the most complex pro­cedure in simple step-by-step screens. Our Dynaspecs design tool makes it easy to build a library of consistently-designed pro­cedures for distri­bution as StepbySteppers.
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Not too simplified, unable to
  handle varied circumstances...
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Just right: simple, responsive,
mobile: can capture usage data
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Not too verbose or vague,
  hard to follow in real time...
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The Right Way to Help People Do Complicated Things
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